Easter Island

Easter Island

Easter Island is an island with a nice history and great statues. Scattered around the 163km island, are statues called Moai. Standing at an average of 4 meters tall and 1.6 wide, hundreds of statues are on the island. The current residents, the Rapa Nui, are the same people who carved the Moai so long ago. It took immense effort to move the Moai, some of which weighed around 86 tons, so how did they do it? Well that is for you to find out. Look at the theories below and decide which one you think is the most likely.

Theory #1

Some people believe that people/gods moved the rocks with divine power. Though there is no proof people still believe the theory.

Theory #2

The more logical theory is that People would move the statues by rolling them of tree trunks. First they would cut the trees and put the logs on the ground. After the logs were on their sides, they would then lay the mau on theirs sides. They would then roll the statues. People believe that theory because it is proven to work and all the trees in the vicinity of the mau have been cut down.


What theory do you think is the most reasonable?

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