The Nazca Lines are very large pictures, or glyphs, that 


A picture of one of the many designs, that can be seen easily by the air.

can only be seen clearly by an airplane, or another type of air 

travel. The main reason these are theoretically impossible to make, is that you would need somesort of flying vehicle or device, yet there is no such(known) manmade structure from 2000 years ago that could fly at all. The shapes consist of insects, birds, and even a picture that looks like a man waving. These lines are made from the boulders, that were left on the plateau by glaciers that were there a very long time ago, which were pushed to the side, making the ground clear and therefore allowing them to make designs. Archaeologists think the lines were made by the Nasca peoples, which we know nearly nothing about, except that they lived near the Quimbaya people, who created gold sculptures that looked similar to modern day airplanes. There are also lines that look very similar to landing strips, and seem almost too straight to be man made.

A few of the most known theories are:

  1. They may have made a primitive version of the hot air balloon and been able to tell the workers on the ground what to do. There is no proof of this.
  2. They may have planned it out by looking upon the plateau from a higher point, allowing them to map it out precisely, considering the fact that many ancient civilizations were very advanced in mathematics, such as the  Egyptians and Mayans, who made very precise calculations such as making the pyramids and the Mayan's calandar. From a higher place it would not be too hard to measure out the places to part the rocks. There is no proof of this, however.
  3. Some, of course, think it is made by aliens, of which there is no proof.

Whatever these ancient people did this for, spiritual, or talking to the gods, we may never know the motive behind these ancient drawings, yet we can only learn more. 

Which theory do you think most likely?

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