A small map of the lost colony.

       Being one of the first coloines placed in the 'New World', by the British, Jamestown, a small settlement on the Island named Roanoke, it was not really sure how anything would turn out, and of the 115 or so people living there, none of them were ever found.

Imagine that you are one of the founders of Jammestown, and, since you only brought enough supplies for a few years' worth of living, you need to travel the two-year long round trip to England and back. You set off leaving around 115 volunteers to stay at the village, and when you finaly return, ready to see your family, you don't see a welcome back party or a large group of people waiting to see you, all you see is a ransacked, worn down, old town. As you go on shore to explore a bit more, you see, carved into a fence post, a single word: CROATOAN.

Some of the most likely predictions are as follows: 

  1. The Native American Tribe of the Croatoans, who lived on a nearby island had attacked as they may have seen Roanoke as a sacred place, and thought that the settlers were trying to take it from them. The tribe name in the fence may have been a warning to the people who were coming back by ship, etched in by a sole, dying survivor.
  2. Threre was a plague, or sickness, of some sort that went around and, along with the settlers went extinct. The 'Croatoan' may hve been a sign that they were friends, or that the land was claimed by the tribe after they realized that the settlers were all gone. Even though there is no evidence of this, it is still highly possible.

We might never be 100% sure on what really happened there, but we may find more and more clues as the future nears us.

Which theory seems most plausible to you?

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